Eleven40seven is the literary journal of Texas Christian University. I was with Eleven40seven for 1.5 years and in that time I assisted in choosing over 150 art pieces from various mediums to be published.

With a team of up to 8 others, we would sort through over 300 art submission in order to publish the best-of-the-best each semester.

At first, I was brought in to assist with the layout of the 200 page anthology edition. After this huge undertaking, I was promoted to Art Director of the journal and then the chapbook contest.

It was then my responsibility to create the publications themselves as well as oversee a team of 2-3 to successfully bring everything together. Oh I also leaded a basic lesson in InDesign each semester!

As the Art Director, I was tasked with creating all necessary marketing pieces from posters to leaflets. Typically, we would go for a “meme-like” design style in order to reach the entire TCU community. We found them pretty humorous.

When the Chapbook competition began, we decided to open this up to undergraduates throughout the state of Texas. In this effort, I assisted the kick-off of their social media expansion into Instagram and Twitter.

My main responsibility, however, was to design digital specific graphics to reach this wide audience. Here we decided to use previously published artwork to gain confidence and appeal to this much larger audience.

Through these efforts, we received over 300 submissions for the first year. We also saw a consistent increase in the literary journal submissions.

Lastly, we would have a release party for each edition in order to distribute and celebrate those being published. This was a way for the artists to read an excerpt, vocalize their poem, or detail their art process.

For the best view of these publications, please visit the Eleven40seven website. I was there from Spring 2015 – Spring 2016, but they have every year of this great journal posted there https://1147.tcu.edu/print_issues/ as well as the chapbook winners at https://1147.tcu.edu/chapbook-series/ .