The Skiff newspaper is produced by the students of Texas Christian University for the greater Downtown Fort Worth audience. I began as a layout designer responsible for placing and editing content to fit onto up to 2 designated pages each week.  

After 6 months with the Skiff, I was nominated to be an ad designer for the AdLab, known then as the “Advertising Department”. As an ad designer, I was tasked with creating up to 5 ads per week for a multitude of clients.

Once I became the Advertising Director/Art Director of the AdLab, I ensured each client’s ad was approved, ran in the correct edition, and placed appropriately.

This was a team effort with up to 6 layout designers and 8 account executives to guarantee timely print submission.

Additionally, I was approached about creating the AdLab brand. While we were a branch of student media, we were pretty unknown. The branding was to give us legitimacy with clients as well as a complete identity within the department

Through this process, I also assisted in the creation of  social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

These were utilized to further get our name out there to potential clients and the great TCU community. I would ensure that digital content was post ready and redesign print graphics for these platforms.