3d media

3D is of the newest mediums of graphic artists, marketing teams, and enthusiastic hobbyists. However, I found that there is far more options than just 3D printing. Below is some of the cool things I have made using this medium.

One of the first things I picked up was laser printing. Now this does not create entire structures, but it does allow a 3D element to otherwise flat materials. Also it is a fantastic timelapse!

There was this one time I even made a robot that made art of it’s own. I got my inspiration from the Leonardo 2.0 that the Mythbuster’s created to paint the Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds.

I ended up creating a much simpler “Art gun” of sorts. Simple dip a foam ball into some ink and blam! it creates a canvas splat worth of any art gallery.

This took a lot of testing, of course. Here’s a great shot that just barely missed. Art is fun!

Oh and of course I 3D printed some Pokémon. I had a number of friends obsessed with Pokémon GO. These were great and easy Christmas gifts!

Modeling courtesy of Thingiverse

With this knowledge, I was even able to model and build my own bed frame! This was a fun project with a number of unexpected hurdles, but I love the finished product.