Here are examples of how I turn doodles


Buttons was a local restaurant that needed to-go menus. After discussing their needs, I was able to make some that matched their in-house menus, included all of their wonderful options, and were aesthetically pleasing.

4S Distributing

This local medical supplies distribution company was in need of a brand refresh. While they liked their current logos, they wanted to make them more accessible and modern feeling. Utilizing their needs and wants I was able to create a multitude of logos for any situation from print, digital, or apparel.

Texas Christian University AdLab

Working with TCU AdLab for 2 years allowed me a number of opportunities to build up my design skills. Firstly, I made multiple advertisements that were featured in the TCU Skiff and eventually laid out the entire paper’s advertisements for print. I also created the first AdLab brand and all of the sales collateral, social media assets, and media kits to match.

TCU eleven40seven

eleven40seven is a journal of the arts curated by TCU students from TCU students arts. Each semester the eleven40seven would have upwards of 200 submission of various arts from the undergraduate class. We would hand select 35-45 pieces to be published in that semester’s journal. My main goal was to create marketing for each semester’s journal and lay out these submissions for publishing in a way that was efficient, aesthetic, and gave everyone their fair space in the journal. Additionally, I assisted in laying out the anthology which was that semesters journal along with the top 100 pieces from the last 10 years which made it an almost 300 page book. In my last semester, I also created advertising, custom book covers, and layouts for their first ever chapbook contest.


ROXO is a student-ran advertising agency that is both a class and internship allowing students real hands-on agency experience. I was brought on to reformat and reimagine their handbook. While this was a class and an agency, they needed to combo a class syllabus with an office handbook. Working with their needs and wants, I was able to create a writer’s pad style student hand book that was easy and fun to read, but full of information. This allowed it to be easily found among student’s other class materials and give them everything they need to succeed in the agency.

Here are some videos of what I do and some additional skills I’ve picked up along the way

Video Editing | 3D Modeling | 3D Printing | Embroidery Design | Basic Robotics

Building the brand
Making the Brand into a 3D Model for Printing
Quickly Editing the Brand Building
Detailed Editing of the 3D Modeling