In my almost 10 years of working experience in graphic design, I’ve created a few cool things and learned a whole lot! Here are examples of what I know and how I’ve used that knowledge to build some beautiful and practical designs.


Every business needs some sort of brand. It can be simple or a complex collection of shapes and letters. I’ve created a number of logos from scratch and revamped existing brands as well as bringing brands onto social media.

Marketing Collateral

With branding, comes marketing collateral. I’ve created multiple types of collateral from brochures to whole books and posters to social media graphics. A good chunk of my resume includes publication and sign design.

Social Media

Social media has evolved in just the last 5 years. Now you are able to schedule posts for almost the whole year, utilize app provided assets, and even set up shop all in one afternoon. Here are a few examples of the social media I have done for other. Check out my own business’s, Graphiks Lab, social media below for more examples.

Video Editing

A lot of social media requires some sort of Video component nowadays. I’ve learned how to utilize Adobe Premiere Pro and the new Rush apps for creating videos. Check out the social media outlets at the bottom of this page for more examples!

3D Modeling

+Robots and such

I’m also familiar with 3D modeling and printing. I’ve created models, mini’s, and even a small game at one point. Along with basic robotics, laser cutting, and other various “hands-on” art disciplines.

Let’s build something together