Shows to Binge Other than The Office

While The Office is a classic to binge, here are a few different options on multiple platforms for everyone to try.

With everyone stuck indoors, streaming networks are becoming a major form of entertainment for all. Whether you put it on in the background while you work or watch with the whole family. Here are a few great series to watch by yourself or all together.



This UK classic is a calming baking contest with some witty commentary. Netflix has some of the older season under Great British Baking Show Beginnings.

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However, the series was picked up by Netflix a couple of seasons back so there is a decent catalog of episodes. If you find yourself wanting more, check out their holiday specials.


Yes, another baking contest. But this one is different in that the bakers are very amateur and are given unrealistic expectation. Often the finished products are just bad, which is the point.

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The hosts are hilarious and everyone is good spirited about it all. There are also holiday episodes making for a good couple days worth of content.


Now this one is a commitment. There are 14 seasons up now. I’m guessing the 15th and final season (sad!) will be up soon.

It’s also pretty violent throughout, not going to lie on that one. However, if you have teenagers or love spooky monsters with attractive characters, this is a great pick.

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Also there is a lot of humor and plot twists to keep it interesting. Overall a great fandom to join especially during the apocalypse.



Not a baking show, but a crafting contest. This one is like the Great British Baking Show but with crafters. Hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, this is a great blend of comedy and contest.

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Also one of the great things is some of the crafts can become projects for you and your family. Educational and entertaining equals quality!


A Canadian town with various groups of people living their lives in this dry comedy. Witty one liners and a plot that often brings everyone in the town together. What more can you ask for?

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Also there are a number of hilarious circumstance that bring about fun plot twist. Honestly, one of the best comedies of watched in a while.


Love spooky things that may be true? How about shows where people go ghost hunting? Well this ghost hunting show starts off really serious, but by season 3 the commentary gets pretty funny.

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Honestly, this a great ghost shows with some interesting finds and funny people to boot. They also go to cool and different locations that aren’t just the “World’s Best Haunts”. This may not be for everyone but I’d say at least give it a try.

Zak Bagans also has a new series about his haunted items museum called Ghost Adventures: Artifacts that is pretty cool.

Amazon Prime


Think Sherlock Holmes with social skills. Only here the highly observant detective has to pretend to be a psychic for the cops to believe him. Truly a modern take on a classic trope.

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Great post twists and great cast makes this a must watch. Additionally, there is a movie that recently came out that shows where they are now.


Alright this one may sound childish. However, I will counter with so what? Sometimes it’s good to revisit your childhood, especially when the world is on fire.

Also every kid should know about Spongebob Squarepants. If not they’re doomed to never understand how to properly blow a bubble.

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Honestly, it’s an oldie but a goodie that is actually still on air. Amazon Prime has the first few seasons. Philo, a new streaming service, has the newer episodes. Either way it’s easy to find and fun to watch.



Yes, YouTube has some awesome series that are not just people gaming. This channel is a offshoot of the Good Mythical Morning Show with their chef team.

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There are a few different shows but all of them are funny and quite different. From Fancy Fast Food to Snack Smash they make a lot of wacky and fun creations.


This is one of the longest running series on YouTube. Each morning for who-knows-how-many years Rhett and Link have greeted people with crazy, fun shenanigans.

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Priding themselves on making their show family friendly, this is a great watch for the whole family. Plus there are hours of content!


The Bon Appetit channel has a number of food related shows, but this one is my favorite. Claire goes into each episode with the mission of making an ordinary, over-processed snack into a gourmet treat.

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She is often pulling her hair out trying to find the best solution to make her version as close to the original as possible. It is a fun ride to see her final product, which is of course delicious I assume.


Brandon Farris is a want-to-be comedian that is truly hilarious. He’s not a huge YouTuber, but he is definitely gaining traction with his super funny content. From freaking out while eating a spider to opening his fan mail, his channel is always great for a laugh.

This is a newer one for me and I am loving it! The whole channel has hilarious videos, but I’m a particular fan of the Trying Nasty Foods and Google Translate Sucks playlists. Either way you can’t go wrong!

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Well there we have it! I hope you find one that brings you joy during this isolating time. If you have another great show that you recommend binging please comment below.

Stay Safe and Live On!

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